Our Team

“Coconut Curry warms my soul — and stomach!”
Maya Kaimal
“I love goin' to Goan, especially with shrimp!”
Elaine Delsol
Director of Operations
“I ‘win da luv’ when I serve Vindaloo with veggies.”
Sunil Surana
Chief Financial Officer


“Butter chicken and basmati, the perfect pair……”
Kelli Klingensmith Odom
Director of Sales,
Club Channel
“I’m the Masala Master”
Ken Harris
Director of Sales,
“I crave the tang and spice of Vindaloo!”
Kacey Stertz
Sales Manager,
West and Canada


“My kids love ‘my’ simmer sauce dinners!”
Sarah Shah
Marketing Manager
“These sauces have me goan coconuts!”
Katherine Bellando
Consumer Engagement Manager

Operations and R & D

“I'm gaga for Goan - love this coconut curry with any kind of seafood!”
Jessica Bard
Product Development Chef
“What’s better than our Spicy Ketchup? Tell me!”
Ankita Bhagat
QA/QC Manager
“Spicy Ketchup! It's spicy and sweet, just like me!”
Rachel Russo-Mas
Customer Service Supervisor
“I’m the keeper of all things Kashmiri!”
Molly Mullarkey
Customer Service Coordinator


“I love Lightly Salted Chickpea Chips.”
Stephanie Massarelli
AR/AP Specialist

Extended Team

Patricia Fabricant
Art Director
Jesse Jenifer
Web Engineer