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Vegetable Curries Vegetable Curries

Vegetable Curries

Our new vegetable curries are the perfect choice when you need a quick, nourishing meal. We use our favorite vegetable combos and slow-cook them in the flavorful sauces we’re famous for. Eat them over rice or on their own!

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Simmer Sauces Simmer Sauces

Simmer Sauces

You’ve got chicken, you’ve got rice, you’ve got veggies. Now all you need is Maya. Simply add a jar to your favorite protein, greens or grains and simmer on the stovetop. In mere minutes, you’ll go from sauceless to sauce-sational.

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Inspired Soups Inspired Soups

Inspired Soups

Maya’s soups are the perfect antidote for the same old soup and will have you savoring every spoonful. 100% plant based. 100% delicious. Just heat and serve. Maya’s done all the work for you.

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Organic Everyday Chana Organic Everyday Chana

Organic Everyday Chana

These pouches are packed with chickpeas and a punch of bright, Indian flavor, ready in 90 seconds. Vibrant and tasty however you serve it — over rice, with flatbread or all by itself. Maya makes it easy.

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Organic Everyday Dal Organic Everyday Dal

Organic Everyday Dal

This popular lentil preparation hits the spot for a quick Indian fix. 90 seconds in your microwave, forever stocked in your cabinet. Goodbye, pantry paralysis. Hello, Maya. One bite and you’ll know it’s the real dal.

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Organic Rice Organic Rice

Organic Rice

The perfect complement to Maya’s recipes, our rice is a staple for soaking up all the spicy, delicious flavors. Organically grown on small family farms and harvested by hand, you’re just 90 seconds away from the perfect accompaniment to our dals, chanas and simmer sauces.

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