Creamy Spiced Corn and Bacon Pasta

Our creamy coconut and warm ginger-flavored Butternut Curry Indian Simmer Sauce forms the base of the sauce for this summery fresh corn pasta dinner. We like to top it with crispy bacon and lots of fresh basil.

Serves 4


1 lb fettucine or linguine pasta

Kosher salt

8 oz bacon, sliced crosswise into ½-inch pieces

1 jar Butternut Curry Indian Simmer Sauce

3 cups sweet corn kernels, cut off the cob or frozen and defrosted

2 tbsp cold unsalted butter, cubed

½ cup fresh basil leaves, torn if large

Freshly ground black pepper


Step 1
Cook pasta in boiling salted water to al dente according to package instructions. Reserve 1 cup pasta cooking water.

Step 2
While the pasta cooks, place bacon in a large deep-sided skillet over medium heat and cook, stirring often, until it is crispy, about 6 minutes. Transfer the bacon to a paper-towel-lined plate with a slotted spatula or spoon and pour off all but 1 tbsp bacon fat.

Step 3
Add corn to the bacon fat and cook over medium, stirring, until the color deepens, about 1 minute. Add Butternut Curry and cook until simmering. Take the skillet off the heat, add pasta, ½ cup hot pasta cooking water, and butter and stir until a silk sauce forms, adding more pasta cooking water if needed. Fold in bacon and basil, season with salt to taste, and serve with freshly ground black pepper.