Black Lentil Desi Quesadillas

Need a creative way to elevate your weeknight lentil game? Make these quesadillas with a Desi twist using our creamy Black Lentil Everyday Dal. Complete with the essential toppings like avocado, cilantro and cheese, these just hit the spot!

Serves 4


1 package Maya Kaimal Black Lentil Everyday Dal

Four 10” flour tortillas

Olive oil for pan-grilling

2 cups grated mozzarella or Monterey jack cheese

1 plum tomato, seeded and diced

½ cup frozen corn, thawed

¼ cup chopped cilantro

½ cup Greek yogurt

1 tablespoon red chili sauce such as sriracha

1 avocado, diced (garnish)



Step 1
Heat the Black Lentil Everyday Dal pouch according to package directions. Give it a stir and set aside.

Step 2
On a clean work surface, lay out all four tortillas. Spread the following ingredients on HALF of each tortilla in this order: some of the cheese (save about half to add at the end), warm lentils, tomato, corn, a sprinkle of cilantro (save the rest for garnish). Top with remaining cheese and fold the top half over to cover.

Step 3
Place a little oil in a wide 10-12-inch skillet that can fit two tortillas. Heat over medium low and lay in the tortillas. Brush the tops with oil and when the bottom sides are golden and the bottom cheese is melted, carefully flip them over and heat the other side until the whole thing is melty and the tortilla is golden. Remove and keep warm while you repeat with the other two.

Step 4
Meanwhile stir together the yogurt and chili sauce. Add a little water if needed to get a crema-like consistency.

Step 5
On a cutting board, cut each tortilla into 3 wedges. Place on 2 plates and serve with yogurt crema, avocado, and cilantro.